Looking for roomate for a 2 bedroom apt. 10 min from campus

Started by bhormann, May 19, 2013, 01:03:52 PM

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My name is Brandon and I am going to be a senior at New Paltz this upcoming Fall semester.  I lived in a VERYY nice apartment last semster in a very nice a quite community.  The apartment had 2 bedrooms, big living room, bathroom w/ shower and a nice sized kitchen along with a decent sized deck.  I lived there during the fall and spring semesters with my former roommate but now he is moving out and I am looking for a new roommate to split the costs of the apartment.

I am a Bio major going to be a senior this fall.  I am not a very wild and crazy person.  I dont generally go out or have people over the apartment other than my girlfriend once a month or so.  I am typically quite easy going, very easy to get along with and just looking for a roommate who is not a huge partier.  I'm also very into sports and pretty active(Love going to the gym/ playing hockey, baseball, golf...etc) and tend to no be home a lot based on the fact that either I am out doing something or up out school doing work.

As of the last two semester, this apartment was about 650/month for everything(per person obviously).  The landlord pays for heat and water, along with any repairs that need to be made to the apartment.  We payed for cable/internet and electric and all together the the monthly expense for the apartment was never more than 660$.  The apartment is a one year lease and we would most likely have to sign the lease sometime in July.

If you are interested about rooming with me or what to get to know me a little better, feel free to contact me by email, or phone/text.