2 Roomates Need $566 All included 1 mile from campus ASAP

Started by SDome6005, May 02, 2013, 10:05:35 PM

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Need 2 more roommates  $ 1700 / for 3 bedroom house 1 mile from campus
Brings it to $ 566 each
Does not include wifi/cable
Cats are ok if you have a pet
Looking for a roommates that  are cool and
Clean up after yourself ( i am not saying you have to be a clean freak, I am just saying dont leave your dirty dishes in the sink for 20 days)

Male or Female is fine

I am male and as well a senior

I have another place for $316 although its 15minutes away from campus doesnt include electric.

If your cool, and serious sent a text or call
need to book this house asap




If it's still available I'd be interested! I'm graduating this spring but will be sticking around for the year.  I'm clean, respectful, and laid back.  Let me know! e-mail me n01953115@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu