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You ever find roommates? I'm looking for a place right now and I can pay that.

Hello, names Stephen. Looking for roommates for the Fall 2021 semester. New Paltz Junior. If anyone in a group lease needs a roommate contact me. Or if anyone needs a 2nd roommate for an Apt that is also good. I'm a male, experienced renter. Can't move in until July 1st or August 1st. My contact info 631-432-4059 text me.  A female roommate is fine as well

Hello, my name's Stephen. New Paltz Junior, need a place to live in July or August for Fall 2021 semester. I'm an experienced renter older 20's. If anyone needs a roommate or there's a single bedroom apt that's affordable (1200 a month too expensive)feel free to contact me. Need a kitchen though.  #631-432-4059 text me.

Looking for Roommate in New Paltz / Re: Looking for a 4th roomate!
« on: April 15, 2021, 06:25:19 PM »
I might be interested need more details. Cost, lease terms, when the lease starts, is it a house? What is the layout (kitchen etc), pet policy? A bit about you, your ages, maybe majors.  I'm older male, 30, transfer student junior status, still no how to have a good time :) My # 631-432-4059. Text only please I'l think your a scammer lol

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