Looking for a place to live for spring semester 2012.

Started by Wheelsawn, October 24, 2011, 09:15:44 PM

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I'm an incoming freshmen transfer student for spring 2012 and I am currently looking for a place to live in for the whole semester. Rental from $300-$625 is my range, But I can be flexible so let me know. I just want make sure there's a kitchen for me to use, and there's parking space! I want to be close to the school so location does matter.

I'm a friendly person. I don't mind sharing some stuff and I'm easy to get along with. I don't mind the roommates as long as they're chill. I'm a diligent worker and I can be quite sociable when given the chance to. I don't mind who I room with if that helps the flexibility out.

Wilson Chau
E-mail me: Wheelsawn1992@gmail.com


My name is Victoria and I have a room available.  I am moving home at the end of December and the room will be available from January - the end of June when the lease ends.  It is located at 6 Mohonk Ave, which is a 5 minute walk from campus.  It is a 7 bedroom house, 8 people live there (2 people share a room).  The rent is due every 2 months and for this room, which is very spacious it is 1065 (so 532.50 per month).  Utilities come out to about 50 dollars every 2 months, so $25 per month and we also pay garbage.  That comes to about $15 every month.  Basically it is about $600/month to live in a large house close to campus.  There is a front porch, a barbecue and 2 bathrooms.  All appliances are almost new and work well.  There is even a washer/dryer located in the house, as well as a dishwasher.

The heat is prepaid and we each paid $390 for the winter.  Since I will not be living there for a few months I only ask for $250 whenever you can possibly give it to me.

The people living in the house are friendly, they might even get you to play croquet in all sorts of weather (definitely not a requirement of the house haha).  We have parties occasionally, but the money is put towards paying off the electric bill (which lowers it for the house) or for different fun things for the house to do. 

Please respond as soon as you can and if you are interested I can give you a tour of the house and show you the room at a time that is convenient for both of us.  Good luck in your search!