Transfer student entering FALL 2012

Started by Ryan, February 22, 2012, 11:50:37 PM

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I'm a male and will be entering as a junior for the fall 2012 semester. I'm in need of roomate(s) as well as housing. I take my school work seriously, but I'm very easy going. I'm a fun, athletic guy and like going out on the weekends. I'm down for anything and cost is not an issue at this point. I'm interested if anyone has an open spot for me.

e-mail or call if you're looking for an extra man 631-848-6740


Whats up Ryan? My name is Matt.  I will be transferring there as well in the Fall 2012 as a Sophomore.  I have similar characteristics like you - I am into athletics, work hard at studying, and not much of a party animal.  What are your interests?
What sports do you play?Looking forward from hearing back from you.


Hey guys,

     I am not sure if you are open to living with a girl. I am also in need of a room for next year and I just transferred to New Paltz this semester. I am currently playing field hockey and I love being active. Text me if you are interested! 845-853-3449



Hey whatsup im a guy and i might be going to newpaltz for the fall2012 semester. im looking for a place really close to campus and i am very easy going. im studying communications and ive been on the swimming team but i might not be on it this year. i have a girlfriend that goes to newpaltz so im not gunna be bringing back any loud obnoxious girls on the weekends or anything haha if you wanna hit me up my numbers 631-525-3841


Transferring in this Fall as well.  Still need to find a place and roomates.  Have you been able to find anything yet? If so, are you still looking for a roomate(s)? 
I am also into sports (playing and watching).  Hoops, soccer etc.
Please let me know.


   Looks like a group of transfers need housing and so do I.  I am a business major transferring to New Paltz this fall.  Please let me know if (any of) you have found housing near campus and need a housemate.