Need a house/apt near campus for 3

Started by johnmorisi, February 11, 2012, 09:31:25 PM

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Hi, my name is John, I'm looking for a house with two of my friends. A place within walking distance of campus would be most ideal. We're all musicians, so we would like a place where we can make some noise and not have to really worry about disturbing anyone. However, we'll compromise practice times and such with other living mates if they won't mind the occasional noise.

So since we would be practicing our music, it would be nice to have a basement, so I would say that is one of the more important features. A price range from $400-600 (per person) is in our budget.

Here is my email, ; I prefer email, however if you feel that you really much rather call, my number is 347 463 6512.