Need a 1 BR/Studio Apartment to Rent around August/September for Fall 2022

Started by sanikkuu, February 17, 2022, 11:05:41 PM

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Hello! My name is Brianna and I'm a freshman student at SUNY New Paltz. I want to live off-campus starting the next fall semester, I'm looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or studio apartment to move into just for myself, no pets, around August/September 2022. I want a quiet, secured, place that includes most utilities (washer/dryer preferred, doesn't have to include parking), and most importantly it has to be near campus or less than an hour of commuting in the bus to the SUNY New Paltz campus. This would be my first actual apartment. My budget is $1300, better if less, and at least a 4-5 month lease, long term is preferred. Please email me if you know anything, I know it's months away but it's worth a shot starting my search. My email is Thank you, have a nice day!