Rooms in Apt Share June 1st

Started by New Paltz Places, January 14, 2021, 08:35:38 AM

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New Paltz Places

Two furnished rooms will be available June 1st to rent through Dec '21 or May '22.  There's one large bedroom and one small bedroom in a three bedroom apartment that's currently shared by female students.  The rent is $725 per month for the large room and $650 per month for the smaller room including all utilities.  It's a ten minute walk to campus and a five minute walk to the grocery store on Main St.  Utilities included are heat, hot water, water, electric, and Wi-fi.  There are a washer and dryer, AC, off-street parking, bicycle storage, weekly garbage and recycling pickup, snow removal, and yard maintenance.

This is a great value for a beautiful, updated, clean, safe, furnished, move-in ready place at a great location with all utilities included.  It's ideal for responsible students, graduates, and professionals who are looking for a nice, quiet place for working from home, studying, taking online classes, having online meetings, resting, and relaxing.  No pets, no smoking, and no parties.  For more information and to request pictures, please send an email to with your name, contact information, and your timeframe for renting.  Thank you.


This sounds like a good space for me, as a graduate student.  I am also female, and can live well with others. I am friendly and nice, but have a lot of studying to do so I can keep to myself aswell.  No smoking, pets, or partying sounds wonderful to me.  I will be looking to move in the summer (as I may take a summer class or two).  And will need a place for the Fall semester 2021.