$550 Room on Highland Farm

Started by Marxb1, October 11, 2020, 09:22:38 AM

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Hi there,

We are a co-op style farmhouse in Highland New York. We share meals, clean together, and have get togethers (covid safe of course) and try to create a community here. We are 3 individuals, E is a 36 year old farmer and owns the house and property. In his spare time he likes to play the tabla and pickle cucumbers. P is a 27 year old graduate student working towards a masters in literature. He likes to play clarinet and drink green tea out of a fancy teapot. I'm B and am working towards my degree in music therapy. In my spare time I play lot's of music, make sticky note to do lists, and do home improvement projects.

Also please note that we have a large dog, Tucker, is can be very protective at first but is ultimately a very sweet and cuddly lap dog once you get to know him.

We are looking for a community oriented individual who is looking to make a home out of a house! If you are interested or want to learn more about the space please reach out!


Hi there!

Is the room still available?
I just finished my undergrad and am looking to move near New Paltz. I studied Music Business and Performance (percussion) and hope to eventually become a recording engineer. I love the idea of living in a musical house on a farm, especially with a big cuddly dog! I'm a stress cleaner so you don't have to worry about me being a slob, and I'm not usually loud though I would like to bring my drum set with me.

Can't wait to hear from you guys!


I am interested as well as Emma.  If a place is still available please let me know.

I am 32, friendly, tidy, kind, and active.  I like to run and would enjoy a community lifestyle.  Please call or text me with more details 518 588 3425.



Hi, if this space is available I am very interested.
My cell is 732 779 3269

I am a quiet, respectful and responsible student. I am looking for a quiet and friendly place.