Author Topic: 1 room in 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment above Main St available Jan 20  (Read 615 times)


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 My boyfriend and I are looking for someone who's interested in subletting the second bedroom in our apartment for spring 2020.

It can fit one or two people(rent would be $375 per person if you wanna fit two people) depending if you're willing to share the space.

We have a pretty sweet deal right above Main Street. In total youd be paying around $555 per month utilities included. We share costs of extra things like soap, paper towels, etc. Its a two bedroom one bathroom apartment with a recently remodeled kitchen and a living room. Its a 10 min walk to campus and a 1-3 min drive.

Youd have to be ok with cats. The room will be available January 1st.

Were pretty keep-to-ourselves and like quiet. Every once in a while we have friends over to hang out. We like to keep the place clean as well.

Rent: $466.67 per month(includes water, snow removal and trash removal)
Electric Bill: around $30 per person for us rn
Propane Bill: around $35-70 per person depending on the season
WiFi: $24 per person
(Obviously this is all per month)

If youre interested please message me for more information: 8457508604
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