Summer Rental! (One room, but the house has MULTIPLE openings!)

Started by winterty92, March 07, 2019, 12:19:57 PM

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I have a room in a 9 bedroom house that will be empty for the summer i am looking to sublet.
Smokings allowed, room is spacious, closet is huge.
Comes fully furnished. 3 bathrooms, massive living room - kitchen - basement

If you smoke, cool, your allowed. If not then it doesn't matter
Directly across the street from campus, 10 minute walk to main street.

Im looking for $550 for the months June-august

( More then half the rooms are open and are also looking to sublet, we are also moving out so the house is up for grabs after the sublet. )

Get in here quick.

Shoot me a text with questions - 845-392-8916.