Senior looking for either a Studio/1br apartment or an open room in a 2br to fil

Started by Noah Morgan, June 05, 2018, 03:57:23 PM

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Noah Morgan


I'm looking for a nice studio or 1br apartment for ~950 or less to move into in late July if possible. However, since these seem to be scarce I'm also interested in any 2br apartments that have one room to fill.

If you are the other person in the 2br, I am a mature and tidy housemate who is very open and friendly. I love to cook and if there is one thing I'd be sure to let you know about to make sure you're comfortable with it is that I record music in my room every so often. (it's just me though so not too loud)

If you know of any openings please text or call me at (315)731-7449