Looking for a Female Roomate Fall Sesmester only in SouthSide

Started by Alexa.Janosek, March 26, 2017, 08:25:18 PM

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Hey! My name is Alexa Janosek and I am looking for a female roommate for fall Semester only. I am going to be a second semester senior in the fall and my roommate now is graduating in May. I live in southside already in building 2G with 2 rooms. The cost is $1595 so we split it evenly $797.50 each. The apartment complex is right across from the school (by the gym) and 5 minute walk from the bars. I need to know by April 5th!
A little about myself:
I'm a public relation major
I love keeping my apartment clean
I am on the Warrior dance team
I enjoy going out on the weekends and drinking 
I'm extremely outgoing

My number is 845-337-2589 :)