Started by hansonb1, May 30, 2016, 09:40:27 PM

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Currently looking for one-two housemates to occupy 2 rooms in our 6 bedroom apartment. We're looking for chill, respectful individuals. The bedrooms share one entrance, so you must be comfortable sharing some space with another individual or you may rent both rooms. However, the rooms are separated by a wall divider. They face the rail trail and have stunning views of the ridge. Rent is $400/bedroom/month plus electricity which is about $50 every 2 months. Rent includes cable, wifi, and central air conditioning and heat. Living room is furnished and we have some pots and pans but we are open to new things!

The security deposit is $400.

Lease starts June 1st, so we're looking for someone to fill these spaces ASAP

*Sorry no pets.


Possibly interested, do you have contact information?


very interested!!

Now far away is it from school?

Please txt me with all the info 585-435-7989



Hello! If a room is still available, I'd be interested in renting! Please email at downeyt1@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu with further information if a room is still free. Thank you for your time :)


If this is still available Im interested! my number is 518 593 6670


If this offer is still available, I am very interested. Please email me at musiclvr1432@gmail.com. Thank you!