2 recent Graduates Looking For a 2 bedroom apartment

Started by ibelfatto, May 21, 2016, 05:30:45 PM

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We are looking for an apartment that is close to town and campus, ideally we would not have to drive to get around. We both just finished school, one of us will be attending graduate school here while the other will be working before leaving in 2017.

1 bathroom is fine, and some kind of shared living space would be preferable.

Our current lease ends at the end of July so an end of July-begging of August start date is a must.

One of us also has a rabbit that stays within a cage/confined living area. It does not roam around the house.

Please send an email to ibelfatto@gmail.com or a text to (845) 803 0529 if you have a property that you think meets our needs.

Thank you.