we are looking to rent your summer sublet!

Started by rubigayle, April 20, 2016, 07:41:09 AM

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We are looking to rent a sublet for the summer, preferably from just after graduation until mid august.

We are late 50's professionals.   I've been teaching high school choir for 38 years...love high school and college age kids and maintain close relationships with hundreds of former students. My husband runs a sleep lab in a hospital.

Our requirements: reasonably clean, air conditioning. A roommate is fine. but it would probably be weird if there were 9 college kids and us although i would probably love it and end up cooking for everyone.

We love the area and want to come up on the weekends and extended vacation periods to hike at Minnewaska and Mohonk and ride the rail trail. We will not be there full time. Our Daughter did her undergrad and is finishing up grad school there and I think NP is one of the best kept secrets on earth.

You can be sure by renting to us that you will receive your place back in pristine condition.
We may be older but we are in tune with whats happening and not much phases us.

Please contact Gayle at 609 577 1755 with pics and offers.