Started by ally, December 29, 2015, 02:52:52 PM

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Hello, I am a female, 20 YO looking for female to go-in on an apartment in the New Paltz Gardens with me. They come 2 bedrooms one bath with kitchen and living room. rent is around 600/MO. I would want to sign a 12 month lease june 1, 2016- may 31, 2017. I am fun and involved on campus in sports and activities but also like to live in a fairly calm apartment. I'm very clean and easy to work with, I just ask for no pets :). Comment or use my email to get in touch with me!


Hi, I was looking into the Gardens as well! E-mail me at, I'd love to talk!


Hi! I'm interested as well. Email me at if you haven't found anyone yet!