Room for rent in home of college professor, $475 a month

Started by uhlenbrj, December 19, 2015, 11:00:16 AM

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Large, sunny, furnished room available January 15 or earlier in a charming farmhouse in the village of New Paltz belonging to a college professor. Rent of $475 a month includes all utilities, use of kitchen, general use of house, large yard, and gardens, washing machine, cable tv, wireless internet, storage in basement or barn, off street parking. In quiet, country setting 10 minute walk to SUNY New Paltz campus and Main Street, 2 minute walk to the Rail Trail, 20 minute drive to Minnewaska. Perfect for a quiet, mature student. No pets, no smoking.


My name is Tom Woytowicz. My son Robert is going back to school for a second degree. He is starting in January. We are not familiar with the area. Is the room still available? 


Jaime, are you still doing this? Are your punitive, vicious rules still in force? Which tenant screwed you over that you want to punish everyone else by barring them from leaving any dishes in the sink, or any personal belongings in the common areas at all while you are expressly allowed to do just that? Hmm? And what about just bringing strange dogs into the house with no warning, aye? Where do you get off doing that? And your vicious, glowering boyfriend. His rageful, alcoholic glare could strike fear into the Virgin Mary.