Professional/Grad Student seeking apartment/home for Spring 2016/Fall 2016

Started by matthewkperry, October 14, 2015, 03:51:20 PM

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Hello, my name is Matthew. I am a professional/grad student looking to secure a residence beginning this upcoming spring semester (2016). My preference is for either a home/apartment for myself (i.e. single occupancy), as I am a quiet gentleman, who will be focused on completing his studies. Anything within walking distance or a short drive to campus would be ideal. The slight caveat to my potential tenancy is I have a sleepy, 7 year old canine. He is a terrier mix (*not* pitbull, think more of an overgrown Benji). He spend most of his day lounging on my bed and taking naps. Additionally, I am more than willing to have him interviewed by potential landlords to deem his worthiness for occupancy.

If you have any properties that may be suitable, please contact me at so we are able to make arrangements to discuss the rentals and potential fit.