21/F/student athlete looking for apartment

Started by FLS9194, August 06, 2015, 09:07:40 AM

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Looking for an apartment close to campus. I have a car but would like to be able to walk to campus and town if possible. I like to keep my space neat and clean so hoping to find roommates that do the same. I enjoy having friends over sometimes but not looking for a party house. I am an athlete so I will be spending time away at practices and games. I like to go out in town on the weekends but I also am serious about my schoolwork and studying in a nice environment. I am open to living with both females and males. i would like to view apartments asap. Please let me know if you have something that may work.


I have a great place available for you.  1-1/2 blocks to campus or Main St.  Off-street parking.  Carefully-screened female students.  Seems like a perfect fit for you.
Please call (845) 255-6895 or (845)633-9616
Looking forward to hearing from you



Hi there, my name's Nicole and I'm a 20 year old art education student. I'm currently renting a basement  apartment in the home of my distant relatives which is a 5 minute drive from campus and I'm looking for a roommate. Rent is $500 a month, utilities included (trash & snow removal, water, heat, cable, internet, etc.).   The apartment is only two years old (myself being only the second tenant to rent it), there is one bedroom big enough for 2 twin sized beds, a bathroom, a living room with a fireplace, and a kitchen. It's a really nice apartment and is pretty much completely furnished as I have a couch, tv, microwave, kitchen supplies, and my old roommate might be able to sell her bed that is already here. I myself don't drink or smoke, I clean up after myself, and work part time. Email me if you're interested/ have any questions/ would like pictures of the place. nicolecalabro94@gmail.com :)