Two Rooms Open above the Groovy Blueberry Outlet

Started by youdontknow, March 22, 2015, 12:03:56 PM

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Hello all! I have two rooms available in a four bedroom apartment above the Groovy Blueberry Outlet at 5 Water Street. The apartment has a galley kitchen, full bathroom, a private parking lot across the street and a porch that overlooks the Walkill River. The rent is $550 per room plus utilities, which is a pretty awesome price considering how close it is to downtown New Paltz and how relatively close it is to campus.
If you're interested in taking one of these totally awesome rooms please email Shelby at It really is a pretty cool and affordable place that I hope to share with a couple more awesome students.  8)


Hey! my name is annie, me and my friend are extremely interested!! we'd love to come see the place. My email is thanks!