3 bedrooms available at dope house (fall2015-spring2016)🗽🚲

Started by n02506836, February 11, 2015, 07:55:04 PM

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whats good people, what's really good

My three housemates are graduating in May, but I'm graduating next year. I love this house, it is located close to water street market, right along the rail trail and the river, and is pretty big. That is why I am staying, just need three people to fill in th e other 3 bedrooms.
Information about me:
My name is Jesse and I'm a 4th year major in Art and Geography. I'm from Brooklyn, NY, as are my three housemates who are graduating. Although I'm a male, I live best with females particuraley because mad boys are just dirty as fuck. My three roommates now are all girls and can vouch for my tidyness. Honestly, if you're dirty and like that kinda thing, that's cool but as long as u can keep the shared areas of the house clean. We have a nice kitchen, and living/dining areas, so no use in having them be grimy.
no matter the reason, you may have no hands or just only used paper plates your entire life, IF You don't do your dishes after using them, jus don't respond.
This is a dope house and I want people who enjoy living in well kept, well decorated, and good vibe places. If ur funny that's a plus. If ur from the city that's also a plus, I have a car and carpooling is much cheaper than the bus for times when u go back home.
Sorry for the rambling
The rent is 525 per bedroom, not including utilities. Utility are pretty low except for in winter when the oil heating the house gets used a lot.
If you're interested you can email or call me @ 9one7 6twozero 248zero
I can send pics of what it's currently looks like but would much rather meet in person and show the house. But get in touch nonetheless. Thank you.
Be easy! Xox