Need a third roommate $650/month everything included

Started by alexprawdzik, December 13, 2014, 01:44:26 PM

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One bedroom (12'x10') in a 3 bedroom townhouse.  Walking distance to town/school.  All utitlities included (including wifi).  We are two senior guys- one production major, one graphic design major.  I have a little jack russell terrier that is wary of strangers but is the best when he knows who you are.  I also have a piano that I like to play often.  There is laundry and a dishwasher in the apartment.  The community is very strict about noise at night so this is not a party house.  Very easy people to get along with and the room is available immediately!  Contact me at (908)337-8140.  If I dont answer leave a voicemail with your phone number and I'll get back to you.