Looking for More Roommates!!!

Started by Jsflowers, July 04, 2014, 12:26:59 PM

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My name is Joey, I am 21 years old and I just graduated Nassau Community College for Studio Arts. I am transferring into New Paltz this upcoming Fall for Geology; both myself and a very nice gal student named Amber who also is a Geology major are in mid-progress of figuring out housing. We have a bunch of viewings this Sunday July 6th and are in seek of more cool roommates.

We are viewing two four bedroom apartments, a five bedroom house, and also we are lining up an early interview for a 6 bedroom house which happens to be the supreme housing situation if we find the right people in the allotted time frame. For any and all of these housing options in the Village of New Paltz move in date would be August 1st, unless the landlord is kind and permits an August 15th move in considering most people especially myself wouldn't be able to move in so soon due to work but would most certainly pay the extra couple weeks to secure the perfect house.

As much of a mouth full of information this CL post entails, I will kindly give ya my life story via text if ya ask! I can assure both Amber and myself are very well-rounded, down to earth, athletically inclined and determined to progress our education, have fun and be responsibly peaceful. Etc.

Please call and or text 516.712.7459 if you have questions, etc.

We are looking for gals, and another guy roommate; preferably. We need either a combination of four people, three people or two more people. So yeah, let me know! I have email on my phone so all cswould work out quickly. But not limited to anything! Like if your one person, or have any variety of friends also looking for housing shoot me a message and say hello!