1 Guy Looking for a place to Stay For Fall 2013

Started by NTrowbridge, April 10, 2013, 10:16:10 AM

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I am a junior here at New Paltz living on campus, but i would like to move off campus for the fall. My previous plans fell through so now I am looking for a new person to room with or an affordable room. I am a quiet person, I do my best to be considerate and accommodating and I have no problem keeping things as clean as is desired. I have never had any problems with prior room mates, and have always gotten along well with them. If anyone would like to contact me, call or text me at 1631-903-3642, thank you.

-Nathaniel T.


Hey I need to find 3 roommates for the fall semester, and I'm also down to meet new people since I'm a transfer and don't know many people. If your interested in checking out the apartment let me know.