Need a 4th roommate!

Started by brii714, December 20, 2012, 06:09:07 PM

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Hi again. One of our roommates can't come to new paltz in the spring so once again in need of a 4th roommate !!!! Rent is 480 a month and were pretty cool and laid back. 5 mins from campus. Text or call me if anyone needs a place. 5165248857


Hi does $480 include utilities and is it all girls?

- Jaimee


Hello, my name is Kyle Hohensee, and I am a transfer student!  Is there still a room available?


Hey Jaimee!! 480 doesn't include utilities. Text me so I can give you more info ... 5165248857


Hey Kyle .. Yes there is. Text me for more information


Is this offer still available?