6-8 girls looking for a house for fall 2012- spring 2013!

Started by Cianac, November 29, 2011, 04:14:26 PM

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I'm not positive on the number but somewhere between 6 and 8 of us are looking to get a house for next year! Half of us are studying abroad this spring 2012 so we're looking to set something up for next year before we go abroad. We need walking distance to campus, not everyone has a car.

I'd appreciate any info anyone could provide meee :)
Contact: cianacullen@gmail.com
or call (845)702-3884


I have a 6 bedroom house within walking distance to the school. Rent is $3000 plus utilites.  I also have below this house a 1 Bedroom Apartment that has a bedroom that can sleep 2 people and the rent is $800 plus utilities.
  The heating is shared by both apartments.  This might work for you girls.  If interested call me at 845-255-1318.