Senior looking for Fall/Spring Housing

Started by deftthought, July 19, 2012, 06:26:38 PM

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Hello, I'm a SUNY New Paltz transfer student in my senior year. I'm looking for an apartment to rent during the Fall/Spring semester, within walking distance to the college as I don't have a car. Please message me regarding possible living situations. I will be in the area on Friday to meet with prospective housing opportunities. Thank you!


We have a room available in our beautiful home on North Oakwood Terrace.  The house is about a 10 minute walk from campus (if you're strolling).  The rent is $600 a month plus utils.. but the house itself is gorgeous, NOT a typical rental house in New Paltz.
I will be up front, we enjoy partaking of greens in the house, smoking cigarettes is outside only.  I am an allum of SUNY New Paltz, looking to go to grad school soon- I currently have a job that has me up early, so if you are serious about school, our house will be a great space to get school work done without having to worry about parties and loudness.  My phone number is 631-327-2478, my name is Emily.  Let me know if this interests you- lease is from August 1st 2012- July 31st 2013.


Newly finished college house in college neiborhood. Close to town and school. Call if interested.
Rooms from 600 to 650 plusnutilities



I'm a senior living in Windsor Court apartments, less than 10 minutes walking distance from campus.  Looking for one more female to join my current roommate and I.  6 month leases are available, but we are ideally looking for someone to stay through May.  Rent is only $345/month, heat and utilities included, only additional costs are internet and electric.  Coin operated washer and driers throughout the complex.  Our apartment is really cute and cozy, with a balcony and in-ground pool in the complex.  Email me at if you're interested!