Looking for a Roommate for Main Street 2BR Apartment

Started by grammargirl, July 13, 2012, 11:05:10 PM

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Available in the month of August is a bedroom in a 2 BR apartment located on Main Street and 5-7 minutes away (depending on how fast you walk) from campus (and when I say 5-7 minutes, I mean that and not actually 10-15 minutes; I was once a student looking for housing so I know all the ploys.)  The house is rather quaint with a small kitchen and living area, washer and dryer on site, and the bedrooms are actually and surprisingly a fairly good size. Knowing that we're all students who are probably struggling to pay rent, I'm trying to make sure that this room would be reasonably priced.. If you are interested in this room and want more or all the details (price, utilities, exact location, pics, etc.), please e-mail me at grammargirl1127@gmail.com. From there, I can give you my number for further contact.


Hi everyone,

This room is no longer available. If you are still looking for a place in New Paltz, here's a link to another housing post that may possibly interest you.