Started by apanda31, July 02, 2012, 11:37:02 PM

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We are three lovely people looking for a fourth.
Our home is located fifteen minutes away from SUNY New Paltz, just across the street from the Hudson River.
Rent is $300 for the room we are looking to fill, plus utilities.
The lease begins August 1, 2012.
Hope you can come take a peek! 
631-707-1000 Amanda



i'm a 20-year-old male art student, looking for a place as soon as possible. i'm respectful, friendly, and overall a pretty reasonable guy; i dont smoke and am not much of a partier. while i tend to be a little disorganized i am not dirty or unclean. are you still looking to fill your room? if so, please respond, email me, or call me at 518 847 7197.

thank you,
anthony guagliardo


hello anthony!
we are definitely still looking to fill the room!
we have a couple of people coming to look at it tomorrow night (thursday, 7/5) if you are interested in coming by to take a look.
if you want any more information, please email me
I would call you, but i have lost my voice :(
let me know!