Mature MFA student seeks long-term lodging &/or a potential housemate.

Started by Madame Verte, April 23, 2012, 10:36:02 PM

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Madame Verte

        I'm looking for a peaceful space to call home while I'm working on an MFA.  I'd prefer to live in a house/cabin where I'd be able to have a garden, or at the very least work on the landscaping, that is either in New Paltz or on the bus line to it.  I may consider a very special apartment but I'm happiest with my hands dirty.  Take a gander at this time saving list below about my living habits/preferences & see if I'd be a good fit for your property (&/or if we'd be a good fit for housemates).... give me a holler if it rings good to you.

Some Things (just insert I or I'm):

Enjoy a clean, smoke & TV free healthy house, use homemade/non-toxic cleaning products.

Not necessarily tidy (i.e. a coat/stack of books/drawing project left out...etc), but, happy to organize/remove my messes if mentioned...usually get to it on my own before that happens.

Prefer to live in a house with only organic &/or local animal products in the fridge.

Love cooking incredibly tasty health food, making extra to share & putting funds together for staple foods like rice/beans/butter/flour...HOT SAUCE etc.  Also, have a penchant for baking cakes & know how to cook/bake for the gluten-free folk.

Love music but also enjoy a quiet house too & expect for it to be ok for all inhabitants to ask for a change in music or volume without either parties taking offense.

Don't need to be best friends with my housemate but I do enjoy an occasional shared meal & general concern for each other's wellbeing. 

Have an 8 year old non-destructive short haired Siamese-mix cat who has NEVER made a potty mistake...ever....also have 2 elderly aquatic snails and would love to get a dog in a year or so or at least live with one that can be left alone with cats.

Enjoy respectful/helpful guests & visitors from far & wide (& will have them) but don't like living in a crash pad in any sense of the term.

Former farmer/metal worker, gentle-rogue/traveler-turned-artist tomboy/Lady with a plethora of manual labor skills with tools to go with them & last but not least, a horseback/bicycle rider with a future in motorcycles.

Have plenty of furniture: tables, antiques, shelving, couch etc. (so, do not want a furnished home but could get rid of some pieces)...& a ton of houseplants but I can pare 'em down if needed.

Tend to decorate with a weird mix of Mexican hippy grandma & Wunderkammer.

Need to live in a space where folks aren't afraid to say what's on their mind...with compassion and a general belief that problems can be solved.

Maximum rent 750 with utilities, prefer to pay less so I can eat more.

I could move as early as mid-June but, prefer July or August.

A household of 2 or 3 is ok by me.