Just for Summer - $585/month - large room - convenient

Started by Yoshi, April 05, 2012, 09:21:03 PM

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Hello, I am looking for somebody who lives in my room just for summer 2012.

Place: 18 Joalyn Rd New Paltz, NY 12561
10-15 mins to SUNY New Paltz
5+ mins to Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, McDonald's/Rite Aid etc
Rent: $585 per a month.
* Please consult about rent with me. For example, if you live here for 3 weeks and I live here for 1 week, why do you need to pay one month rent? If such situation happens, let's calculate fairly.
You can live from.... somewhere from May 16 to June 1
Leaving by August 24
* I am living in the room until May 15 or 16 or else. I will be back here by August 24, 25, or 26. It seems unclear, but that means I can adjust and regard your situation. I'm very flexible, so please ask and consult with me.
Utility: all included (gas, electricity, wire/wireless internet)
About the House: There are five rooms for rent in a house, and I am introducing one of them in the second floor. There is one kitchen and bathroom in the second floor (another in basement) and are only two rooms. So, you are sharing one kitchen and bathroom with only one housemate. It does not happen like you want to use, but somebody is using.
Parking: Yes, there is a parking lot
Other: This place is so calm. Since the owner lives in the same house, nobody is having party and makes a annoying noise. You can just concentrate on what you want to do.

Please feel free to contact with me and ask anything about the room. I am a student and often check my email. If I see an email from you, I immediately reply to it!!

Thank you, and I'll be waiting for your message!!