Room for Summer 2012 (June 1-Mid August)

Started by odesiderio, April 05, 2012, 04:57:59 PM

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Address: 18 South Oakwood Terrace (street where Paul's Kitchen and the Gulf gas station is), New Paltz NY
- The house is less than a block away from North side of campus (by College hall and Humanities)

Room: Large room with bathroom and shower.  I am currently am living there with a roommate but he won't be living in the room over the summer.  As of now there is no sub-letter to replace his spot so there is a possibility that you can get the room to yourself (I'll update the post if anything changes).

Rent: $535 a month, doesn't include utilities.  Rent is due the 15th of every month.

You can contact me at my email,, or my cell, (914) 815 8110.