Looking for Roomate in 2 bedroom apartment!!

Started by Christina_Piatt, March 29, 2012, 03:52:45 PM

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Hello all!
My name is Christina Piatt. I am currently looking for a roommate in a two bedroom apartment.
The sooner the better because I need someone to move in and start paying rent by this June 2012.
The apartment is located in Windsor Courts, across the street from the Southside apartment complex.
Rent is 497 a month. This includes heat, hot water, and cable!  :D
Internet is 20 dollars each a month and electric bill is every other month.
So averaging it out, it falls to about 550 a month.
Very spacious living room, two bedrooms, one bath, kitchen, and dining area. Oh and a balcony!
Complex includes a washer and dryer and a pool!
If you are interested, write me back or email me (email would be faster for me to respond)
If you wanna come check out the apartment, let me know and we can set a date!
Thanks! Hope to meet you soon  :)