Graduate student looking for roommates!

Started by A.Mason6, March 24, 2012, 02:49:38 PM

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I'm a 22 year old female looking for 2-4 roommates for Fall 2012 and on.
I am a matriculate graduate student and am looking for kept, easy going but responsible roommates to share a house in Rosendale, Kingston (cheaper rent than New Paltz!) OR New Paltz beginning in Fall 2012.  Preferably upperclassmen or graduate students, I am concerned with my school work, clinicals and work outside of school but definitely like to have fun when time permits.  Gender is irrelevant as long as the individual is clean and leads a relatively healthy lifestyle :).

I have been looking for houses and have a few places in mind. 



My friends and I are looking at places to move in for the next semester.  We found a few places around New Paltz (4 bedrooms) and another place at Tilson (2 bedrooms).  We could maybe work something out.
We are all undergraduates, mainly senior/juniors. We are serious about school, work, but we are social.
Let me know if you are interested


Hi! You sound like a perfect fit in my house! Have 1 bedroom in 3 bedroom house in tillson (6 miles north of new Paltz). Please let me know if you're interested and I'll give you more info and pictures. Thanks!


Hi I am a graduate student in New Paltz. I'm 23 and in my second year of my masters here. I am serious about my work but also like to hangout when time permits. If you want get in contact with me.

914 299 8191