$425 Bedroom Available NOW on Main Street.

Started by aeb61589, March 19, 2012, 11:54:08 AM

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I'm looking for a roommate to share my 2 bedroom apartment on Main Street in New Paltz. Apartment is above Snugs Harbor, you can hear the music in the evening so if noise bothers you, this place is NOT for you. Apartment has two bedrooms, two living rooms (they are connected, so it's one huge living area), large kitchen, and bathroom. Your bedroom is private but we share the living space/kitchen/bathroom. There is parking behind the building if you need it, but it is walking distance to campus and most places in the village. Apartment is across the street from Mobile, post office AND the laundromat!

I am a female, turning 23, vegan, friendly, finished with school, and I work Monday through Friday. Looking for a roommate who is a non-smoker, responsible, easy to get along with, okay with cats (I have two cats that are full of personality, neutered/spayed, and up to date on shots). Only catch is you must be vegetarian or vegan. No meat consumption in this apartment, thank you!

You pay $425 for rent, not including utilities.

We will split the internet and electric bills. Propane heat when it's cold. I do not have cable, but if you really want cable we could probably get cable and split it. I do have a TV, it's just not hooked up to anything! Most of the apartment is furnished, cute and quirky stuff, kitchen table from the 1950's, and the tub is baby pink! I like decorating and I like a lot of fun antiques and tchotchkes. I have a large record collection, lots of books and DVDs. I know how to clean up after myself. Your bedroom is NOT furnished, but does have a few shelves on the wall and new carpeting. There is room in the living room if you have any furniture that doesn't fit in the bedroom.

That was a lot of details, yikes. I really love this apartment and I would really love to find a roommate!
Room is available from NOW until January 1st.

Please feel free to email me if you are interested and feel free to include some information about yourself! My email is azhleybee@gmail.com.


HI! My name is Amanda and I am interested in being your roomate   :D I just sent you an email with some details about me but my number is 315-868-7892 please feel free to text call me!


Hello, my name is Danielle Shabin and i'm a 20 year old transfer student who is interested in more details about the apartment. If i agree to move in, at what point would you prefer i start paying rent? I won't be able to move in until June or August at latest. I think we would make a good match because i LOVE cats, i'm not interested in tv/cable either and i'm pseudo-vegetarian anyway (comfortable with becoming one fully). I'm a Communication Disorders major and i hope to find a part time job or at least lab work so i will be a busybody as well. You can contact me at dbshabin@buffalo.edu. Would you prefer i email you for now on?