awesome roommate available! quick! notify interest while supplies last!

Started by Ramaster, March 12, 2012, 06:09:24 PM

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My name is Rachael and I am a current sociology major, art minor going into my second semester here @ SUNY NP as a transfer student. I am finanically stable, clean, laidback, and a lot of fun. I am looking for a couple of cool roomates, co-ed or not idc, who don't mind "smoking," or pets (I have a super loving fatfat cat and a friendly little lizard you will love). I love eating organic food, I can cook and I like loud music, but good music. I like to party when I get the chance but only after I finish all my work. I am super respectful of your  needs, non-judgmental, and very hard to offend. I wouldn't mind finding a house if I had enough roommates to join me but I am willing to participate in any living arrangement with my own bedroom, and preferably my own bathroom. A real kitchen would be great too. My e-mail is or You can ask me for my phone number or my facebook or any other questions you want to ask. I am free spirited, creative, and LOVE to decorate everything with bright colors ,tapestries, and plants. Get at me <3. :P