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The house is on North Oakwood Terrence. You would be sub-letting from me. Move-in is May 15th at noon. It is $810/month ALL utilities included.

There is a washer and dryer on sight. The bedroom is very large. So is the kitchen and living room. There are 3 bathrooms throughout the house. No pets. A 5 minute walk from campus.

Sub-leaser has to be a student and 26 y/o or younger and has to meet the landlord before signing the sub-lease.

My lease, and thus your sub lease, technically ends in August, but if you are interested in staying beyond August, you easily can by starting your own lease with the landlords, which would last a year, starting from August. The sooner you can make this decision, the more likely you are to get that room again. I am happy to help with any questions about the signing process!

If you decide not to stay beyond August/my sub lease, move out day is Aug. 9th. at noon. I know it is not a full 3 months, so I am willing to cut one of the months' rent down to maybe approx.  690/month instead of 810, if you want to go down this path.

-Text me at 845 428 3357 or email me at for pictures/to tour.
Hi, my name is Katie, and I am a graduate student looking for a studio apartment (kitchen + bath) within walking distance to New Paltz.

My budget is 1200/month. I do not need parking, and I am not a smoker.

I am looking for a place for the Fall semester and beyond. Thanks!
Hi, my name is Katie. I am graduating December 2022, and I am looking for a bedroom in a house-preferably all/majority female- or studio apartment available for the fall (August-December) 2022 semester. I am willing to sublet if the lease is a year long. I am very clean, easy-going and school-oriented.

I would need a place that allows cats, though. I have an adult male cat that I would need to bring with me. He is an ESA, neutered and up to date on his vaccines. I can provide any necessary documentation.

My ideal price for rent is 700-900/month with most utilities included, preferably.

My number is (845)4283357. Feel free to text or email me at! :) If you need to call, make sure to leave a voicemail if I do not pick up in time.