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Looking for a third person for a three bedroom apartment in walking distance from campus.Needs to be  a student, community oriented, relatively clean (does own dishes and picks after themself), LGBT friendly, no pets, and no smoking inside. The place is a bit small, so big furniture will not fit in common spaces, though a small couch would work. We both go to sleep around 10:00 pm so we would want quiet hours starting then.  Rent is around 600 and gas and electric are not included. Speaking with past tenants the average of electric seems to be 50 dollars per person per month and the oil varies because of changing prices(around 500 per refill and during a year need about 2).
I am a student studying at SUNY Paltz studying computer engineering who is looking for a place for 2023-2024 academic year. The place should be within walking distance of the university as I do not have a car. I will not be in New Paltz over the summer, so preferably I would move in August. I prefer a peaceful environment and looking to live in community with my housemates. Please contact me if looking for housemates or have a place for rent. Thank you