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One SUNY New Paltz student wanted to sublet as part of group lease of house.  There is a maximum of five residents permitted, you would be the fifth.  Your portion of rent is $750 which INCLUDES HEAT (oil heat provided by owner).  Nice corner bedroom, good size, share bathroom with just one female student.  (Others have their own bathrooms.)  Big kitchen with dishwasher.  Absolutely huge backyard.  Hardwood floors.  House is on two levels: you would be sharing the upper level including an open kitchen/living/dining with two females who have their own bedrooms (a graduating senior and a recent graduate). Your housemates in the lower bedrooms are one male and one female. (This is Not a boarding house, where single room leases are permitted.  This is a private, single-family house with a legal maximum of five persons permitted to share the house.)

Located on Route 208 just one to two minute's drive south of the campus entrance that is near the soccer fields and new dorms.  Just 1/3 of a mile, however a car is recommended versus pedestrians on Route 208. One mile to Main Street (the traffic light by Bacchus and the Post Office, at the intersection of 299, is one mile). Driveway parking for residents' cars. 

Rent INCLUDES heat, hot water, weekly trash and recycling pickups, lawn maintenance, driveway plowing, water system maintenance, washer and dryer, ALL INCLUDED.  Not included are your equal share of electricity and wifi accounts which are in the names of your housemates.

NOTE: Seeking a NON-SMOKING student (no inside smoking permitted) who is pleasant and is a good communicator, and who has a parent or other relative willing to sign a lease guarantor form.  All five residents' parents sign their own lease guarantor form, guaranteeing their student's rent is paid. This is a requirement.

Sublet from resident who is moving in January, for a term ending May 30, 2024.  Note: although the room can be unfurnished, some basics can be provided if you require them (bed, desk and chair).

Please write to and include 1) your full name and expected year of graduation; 2)confirm that you will have a parent or other responsible adult guarantee your rent; 3) indicate your preferred days and times to visit, if a visit is possible; and 4) anything else you would like to include.  We will then send you an application.
For Rent in New Paltz / Room
December 09, 2016, 10:00:39 AM
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For Rent in New Paltz / housing
October 21, 2015, 10:00:21 AM
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