Summer Sublet

Started by bm07davi, March 01, 2012, 09:45:52 PM

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Hey guys, We have 4 rooms in a house that we are looking to sublet for the Summer. The rent is 500 a month including internet and than electric, water, gas and garbage are paid separate. Electric is usually around 30 for 2 months, garbage is 20 bucks for 2 months, water is like 20 dollars for 2 months and gas will be at most 110 bucks for the summer. The rooms are all available from June 1st (some possibly earlier if you want to move in). All of the bedrooms will be furnished and the kitchen will be stocked with the necesary utensils.  If you and friends want the place for the summer or just you want a room for summer classes feel free to get at me and ask me questions. You can email me at
Brian Davidson