Commuter looking for some insite on moving to new paltz!!?

Started by kellyannn, February 17, 2012, 10:11:41 AM

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Hey everyone. My names Kelly Kline. I currently live in a bumblefuck town 45 mins to an hour away from New Paltz ahah I've been accepted to NP for the fall 12 and I've been planning on commuting since I don't know anything up there. But if anybody has any advise about off campus housing I'd really appreciate it. I've never thought about living up there till recently. If I was to move up there I'm not looking for a boring study study study group of people ahah so if any body has any advice :) let me know!

Thanks! :D


hello kellyann!
I'm a transfer too and this is my first semester. I would visit friends who have been going to np for several yrs and instantly fell in love. When it came to looking for a place to live I was surprised with how many options I found. I found my current roommates here on the bulletin board and it's been great so far. You need to shop around and communicate with possible roomies. I also advise to set up a meeting because walking through their place can give you insight on what kind of people they are. Also you get to talk about rent and other prices(sometimes things are left out on their post on the bb). But I really encourage you to make the move. NP is a really fun place and there's plenty of people who balance studytime with partying :D


I'm planning on transferring in for Fall 2012 as a sophmore and I'm not looking for a boring group of people either! We should talk! You can email me if you want to or find me on facebook. Ginamarie Graffeo is my face book name and is my email!