Girl looking for apartment for fall semester 2012

Started by kirdol, February 16, 2012, 01:34:46 PM

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I'm currently looking for an apartment for my next semester. I'm about to be 22, an art education major, vegetarian, and easy going. I'm looking for an affordable apartment (possibly even pet friendly?). It doesn't bother me to be around non-vegetarians, but I do wish I find a place that's smoke free and allows for privacy.


We have a room available in our house with three females. It is off campus so you would need a car. We have a large yard, pet friendly, and are clean, responsible and quiet. Feel free to email me for more details if you're interested


i am seeking a room mate in a 2 bdrm apt across the street from SUNY NP. I will attach my add
I am also flexible with negotiations . Diana.