Looking for a place to stay for spring semester

Started by tanyalh, October 06, 2011, 07:02:36 PM

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Hi, my name is Tanya and I am currently a student at Suny New Paltz and am living in Highland. My lease ends in January, and would love to move closer to town. I am willing to pay up to $450 to $500 for rent with everything included. Preferably lower, but who wouldn't want that. I am a art education major, and will be looking into other schools for next year possibly. I smoke, but am fine with smoking outside if needed, and have no pets.

I am quite and professional. I have a job and work hard at school. I enjoy painting, playing the harp, and cooking. I am very clean and can keep to myself. I wouldn't mind having a roommate to hang out with out with, but can also deal with that not happening. I am very easy to get along with and am a efficient communicator. Well, if interested you can email me, or give me a call at 518 755 0561.



Hello ,
I have a room that will be available in January 2012. One of the residents is moving out. There are two others, a male and female (they're cousins).
It's about 10 minutes from campus. washer/dryer included. Rent is 1/3 of $1100.00 ($367.00) plus 1/3 of the utilities.
My cell is 845-532-6525. Call me with any questions.  Email: Onaip@aol.com

Michael Vincitore