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Started by brii714, September 27, 2012, 07:59:32 PM

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for two new roommates for next semester. Two of my roommates now are graduating after this semester.  South Side; 2 bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. Furniture included. Rent under 500$. I play lacrosse here so I study but always have fun. Let me know if anyone needs a place for next semester.



I DO! my names maile Im an almost 21 year old female and am interested please contact me @ megamainumber5@aim.com



I am interested in. I am a junior student. Please contact me ehyelif@gmail.com


My name is lacee.
I am interested! is this walking distance from New Paltz?

Contact me at (973) 800 0114.


hello, is this still available? my name is Megan and i plan on transferring for the spring semester. you can email me at meggpope@aim.com or text me at 845-554-2934.


Hey I am interested in the room if it is still available. Text me at 845-381-9160, thanks !


Would love to talk more about the apartment if it is still available let me know! My email adress is Sleen10@stac.edu and my cell number is 914-610-9877 I also know another girl that would be interested.


Hey! My name's Marisa and I'm starting grad school at New Paltz this spring.  Is this still available? If so please let me know.  My email address is marisadawn8@hotmail.com


I'm thinking about joining the intramurals myself. It'd be cool to room with someone who has similar interests to me. Get back at me if you still have room available- 917-400-0933
-Bella Shaulova