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Started by laurenpapot, January 21, 2012, 05:39:51 PM

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We are looking for a new extraordinary housemate to join our special house. The room is large with a double-closet and lots of light, one window facing our chicken coop and the other overlooking the front garden.

We are: young professionals, recent college grads. Interests include sustainability, gardening, art, music, cooking, martial arts and more. We are responsible and neat, and very considerate of one another. We have occasional parties with dinner, music, friends, but you won't find a keg (maybe in part because one of us brews his own.) The house is large, plenty of space and opportunity for both peace & quiet as well as social time.

You are: consistent in washing your own dishes and cleaning your fair share of the house, low-drama and pleasant to be around.

Straightforward details:
-$500 (rent includes lawn care, plowing, heating oil, other utilities are not included)
- 1 month security deposit
- month-to-month lease
- Avail Feb 1st (with some flexibility)

Amenities include:
- house is "passive solar" - ample south facing windows = lots of natural light and greater heat retention
- on-site washer and dryer
- large kitchen with two separate sinks, double-oven, huge separate pantry for food storage
- multiple bathrooms and showers
- common spaces include cheerful, sunlit living room/dining room, library, screened-in porch with propane grill
- house includes interesting custom woodwork
- easy biking distance to campus/village. About a 20 minute walk to Main St.
- ample off-street parking
- ample garden space (both flower and vegetable)
- fire pit
- back yard access to rail trail
- superb organic farm (Taliaferro's) down the street
- happy free-range chicken neighbors
- three friendly indoor/outdoor cats
- fun, considerate housemates
- ...and more.


    I might not be "extraordinary" but I never let my dishes unwashed in the sink! and drama would be the last thing I want during my last year of study. And I might not be able to contribute to your gardening but I do enjoy an open garden a lot when the weather is warm. I am 23 years old by the way.
If you feel comfortable renting me the room, do let me know and I will give you more information about myself.
Looking forward to hear from you


hey! i'm transferring to new paltz next year and your offer sounds great! :)

i'm 20 years old, i will be a junior, and i'm very responsible, easygoing, and very clean and organized.
my email address is emilyx675@yahoo.com if you'd like to email me for any information.

i really look forward to hearing from you,
Emily Goff :)


Is this room still available? If so, please contact me n02560470@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu or call me at 9176832526(anytime).