Looking for 3rd roommate for Spring 2013 (girl).. we already have an apartment

Started by kayla, October 21, 2012, 02:33:51 PM

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Hey, my roommate and I are looking for a 3rd roommate (girl).
Our current roommate is graduating in the fall and in order for us to stay here we need a 3rd roommate.

Our apartment is very cute and easy to live in with 3 people. We are a 5 minute walk from campus.  If you decide to room with us you will be sharing the bigger room with one of us. The rooms are a nice size, we have a living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Rent is 549 $ a month plus 37$ for cable. We are outgoing, friendly, we love to have a good time but also we are responsible and respectful. We are looking for a 3rd person who shares the same interests and qualities...

If you are interested we would love to send pictures of our apartment as well as give you more details and hear about yourself.

Please email us !
Kayla- Kayyllaax3@yahoo.com  & Lindsay- Lindsay727Licata@gmail.com


Hey girls! I just found out that I got accepted to go to the Grad School at New Paltz for the Spring 2013 semester. I'm wondering if you found a roommate yet? I'd like to know more about you and the apartment! I also sent you both an email.