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Started by emilyazer, October 16, 2011, 02:31:01 PM

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Hello my name is Emily. I'm a sophomore transferring to New Paltz for the spring semester. I'm looking for someone that has an apartment and needs a room mate, or someone to find an apartment with. If you're interested hit me up. 6467253225


Hello ,
I have a room that will be available in January 2012. One of the residents is moving out. There are two others, a male and female (they're cousins).
It's about 10 minutes from campus. washer/dryer included. Rent is 1/3 of $1100.00 ($367.00) plus 1/3 of the utilities.
My cell is 845-532-6525. Call me with any questions.



Hey, I'm transferring in the spring semester as well. I'm 20 years old, transferring as a junior looking to share an all female apartment/house.
e-mail @



heyy ginger if you want to look for a room together that would be awesome ! i found a couple of places that have available rooms, im probably going to go see them in the next two weeks.