810/month for room for summer sublet or year lease

Started by langlitk1, April 22, 2023, 03:01:32 PM

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The house is on North Oakwood Terrence. You would be sub-letting from me. Move-in is May 15th. It is $810/month ALL utilities + internet included.

The room is fully furnished and is very large! There is a washer and dryer on sight. A 5 minute walk from campus. No pets unless they're ESA with a doctor's documentation.

Sub-leaser has to be a student and 26 y/o or younger.

My lease, and your sub lease, technically ends in August, but if you are interested in staying beyond August, you easily can do so by starting a new lease, which would last a year. I am happy to help with any questions!

If you decide not to stay beyond August, move out day is Aug. 9th. I know it is not a full 3 months, so I am willing to cut the last month's rent down by 25% ($610), if you want to go down this path.

I am also flexible about move in dates! You could move in June if May is too early, with no penalty to you.

-Text me at 845 428 3357 or email me at katielanglitz@gmail.com for pictures/to tour.