Summer 2023

Started by moskowe11, February 21, 2023, 08:16:25 PM

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My name is Ethan, I am looking for a place to sublet for the summer 2023 (June- End of August/beginning September) I Graduated Fall semester, and am just looking for a place for the summer because I will be working in the area! If anyone has any leads please reach out to me at 315-982-0277!


Hi Ethan, my name is Katie. I have a room in a student house on North Oakwood Terrence I need to sublet for the summer. Move-in is May 15th at noon. It is $810/month ALL utilities included.

There is a washer and dryer on sight. The bedroom is very large. So is the kitchen and living room. There are 3 bathrooms throughout the house. No pets. An approx. 5 minute walk from campus.

Move out day is Aug. 9th. at noon. I know it is not a full 3 months, so I am willing to cut one out of three of the months' rent down to maybe 690/month instead of 810, e.g., 690 for may-june, 810 for june-july, 810 for july-august.

Text me at 845 428 3357 or email me at if you're interested.